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Hell Rider

Hell Rider - the mount for bikes and quads

Anyone who drives a motorcycle or quad bike and has already tried to attach an action cam to the motorcycle will be able to understand what our CEO and chief developer Hubert Koch says about the Hell Rider:„When I started to build a GoPro holder for my KTM, I quickly realized that plastic as a building material could not meet my requirements, because it didn't work with anyoneAttempt brought good results and did not look good either. And of course you want to build something on your moped that looks good too "

Hellrider Motorrad Halterung

Curb chain for maximum hold

Some KTM bikes press 80 HP from the single cylinder into the drive pinion. And it's fun to feel the strength, but my GoPro didn't feel so good back then. So I also had to apply more traction and grip to the frame and the stanchions of the front fork, and that's when I got the idea with the tank chain, which gave rise to the Hell Rider.

Hell Rider Mount

The individual chain links and the closure of the Hell Rider with the elaborately manufactured brass tensioning screws are made on iSHOXSCNC machines manufactured. Each chain link has a silicone insert to protect chrome and paint surfaces that provides protection and grip. The chain links are all connected with brass bolts, which are held in the chain link by a special O-ring.

High resilience

To the Shorten or extend of the armored belt, the bolts are pushed out and the chain links removed or added. During tests, we loaded the Hell Rider with several hundred kilograms. The adhesion and strength are unmatched. The closure of the Hell Rider has the proven and flexible 3D / 360 ball mount and guarantees unlimited setting options for GoPro and compatible action cams. The 3D / 360 ball socket can also be used to attach other iSHOXS system modules, such as the Neo-Xtensions or the Small Grap ball extensions.den.


  • Novel chain link mount for all GoPro-compatible action cams made of anodized aluminum - extremely robust and safe, even with extreme vibrations and speeds
  • Can be used to securely attach Actioncams to all types of tubes and rods on all profiles: round, oval, angular. Application range from 20 - 42 mm can be expanded with additional chain links up to 200 mm in diameterr
  • Extravagant perspectives possible thanks to the iSHOXS ball head for maximum adjustability - rotatable through 360 degrees, as well as tilting and tilting the cam
  • Tested German quality with German service

scope of application



Technical data, scope of delivery & amp; Downloads

Item weight: 0.16 kg

Shipping weight: 0.52 kg

Download: operation manual

Scope of delivery: 1 x iSHOXS Hell Rider 20 - 42 mm

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