Action Pole Selfie Stick
Action Pole Selfie Stick
Action Pole Selfie Stick
Action Pole Selfie Stick

Action Pole Selfie Stick


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Selfie sticks have had a decisive influence on Actioncam films. If you use a selfie stick for filming during sports activities,He will know the problem when sand, dust, ice and mud get into the telescopic elements of the selfie sticks. iSHOXS has developed a patent-pending sealing technology that prevents contamination from the beach, muddy terrain, downhill runs or snow and ice from entering the pipes. The iSHOXS plug-on module technology is integrated in the handle module of the Action Pole.

The Action Pole comes with two plug-on modules. A ProFork and a GoPro Smart Remote Clip-on module can be securely and firmly snapped onto the handle. The form-fitting ProFork connection made of anodized aluminum fits all GoPro and iSHOXS mounts and thus extends the range of uses of the Action Pole.


  • Length 800 mm - version "small"
  • Length 1030mm - "large" version
  • With or without sealing
  • Teflon-coated and torsion-resistant aluminum telescopic tubes
  • With ProFork and GoPro Smart Remote Clip On Module
  • Supplied with a practical mesh fabric bag with EDPM divisions

Technical data, scope of delivery & amp; Downloads

scope of delivery 1 x iSHOXS Action Pole, 3 x MountHandle screw, 1 x Remote Control Clip, 1 x Pork Adapter, 1 x Transport Boxx
operation manual
Length: 800 mm or 1030 mm